Intellectia.AI is a pioneering fintech startup, championing the next wave of AI-native financial platforms for discerning investors. Established in early 2023 by a cadre of financial and technological aficionados, we are united in our conviction that artificial intelligence is the catalyst for unprecedented innovation in the financial sector. Our platform serves as a comprehensive solution for global investors, empowering them with cutting-edge intelligence on financial markets.

Technology & Vision

At the vanguard of technology, Intellectia.AI harnesses the power of AI autonomous agents to sift through and make sense of vast volumes of data, both structured and unstructured. In an era where unstructured data accounts for approximately 90% of available information, we leverage AI to systematically decode this wealth of data, unlocking invaluable insights for our users.


Our mission is to democratize financial information intelligence through AI, ensuring its accessibility to all investors, from individuals to large institutions. We aspire to be a trusted financial assistant for every investor, promoting equity in AI and transforming the way financial intelligence is consumed and utilized.

Leadership Team


Founder & CEO

Fei is a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record spanning over two decades in the technology and financial sectors. He has a deep-seated expertise in technology startups, investment research, and banking within the TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications) sector. Prior to founding Intellectia.AI, Fei co-founded Aurora Mobile, a SaaS company focused on developer services. As President, he spearheaded the company's successful IPO on NASDAQ in 2018, achieving a valuation exceeding $1 billion USD upon listing.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Fei held the position of Managing Director at Citigroup's Asia-Pacific headquarters, where he was at the helm of the investment banking business in TMT. His early banking career saw him as a sell-side research analyst at Morgan Stanley, both at its headquarters in New York and its Asia headquarters in Hong Kong, covering the enterprise hardware and semiconductor sectors.

Fei's career began in the field of technology, working as a software engineer at EMC Corporation in Hopkinton, MA. He holds a BS degree in engineering from Tsinghua University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Co-Founder & CTO

Tony is a seasoned technologist specializing in AI, ML, and IT, with fifteen years of experience in research and development (R&D) and management. He is a prolific inventor, holding over 20 international patents.

Prior to joining Intellectia.AI, Tony served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of AI/ML at, where he developed a conversational AI platform for automating finance back-office operations.

Before his tenure at, Tony was a senior researcher at BlackRock's Knowledge Discovery Team, focusing on ML and AI. He also worked at Sentient Investment Management, contributing to the development of an end-to-end ML-enabled trading platform. Earlier in his career, Tony held the position of Vice President of Global R&D at Luminus Devices.

Tony's academic background includes dual Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Computer Science (CS) from the University of Science and Technology of China. He also holds a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, and a Ph.D. in Nano-Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.