Crypto Quick Insights

  • Crypto Trend Rating: Receive daily ratings and trend analyses for top cryptocurrencies

  • Crypto Daily Brief: Stay updated with major cryptocurrency events from the past 24 hours

  • KOL Signal: Gain insights from leading social media crypto influencers

Technical Analysis

  • Customized Stock Selection: Choose any stock and technical indicators, and let AI conduct a comprehensive technical analysis

  • Extensive Indicator Support: With support for over 100 technical indicators via the TradingView components

  • Democratizing Technical Analysis: Empower every investor with quick access to actionable technical analysis suggestions

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    Gain comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date market and stock insights — ask more, know more, and invest smarter

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    Tap once and let AI quickly deliver complex financial analysis, making expert insights easily accessible to all investors

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  • Stocks & Cryptos

    Access real-time US stock and cryptocurrency market data with comprehensive analysis, all in one place

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  • Event Markers

    Insider Trade signals, Analyst Ratings, and real-time News Tags directly on your price chart

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  • Economic & Earnings Calendar

    Organize your investments with precision and be prepared before it happens

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  • Live Calls and Transcripts

    Access to both recorded and live earnings calls and conferences with AI smart summary

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What delighted investors are saying about Intellectia

  • I love how the news/research is next to the price change indicators👀 guess the alpha now is no longer gonna be alpha longer hh! Great product! Congratulations on launching in on PH!

    Kelly An

    Entrepreneur|Angel Investor|Ex-PayPal

  • Intellectia.AI looks like a game-changer for investors. With its free tier, everyone can now access AI-powered investment insights. Excited to see how it can empower us to make smarter financial decisions. Best of luck to the team!

    Viswanatha Reddy


  • I remember when stock markets went more or less totally digital. It was an absolute paradigm shift. This is on track to do the same thing. Amazing product!!

    Trent Kennelly


  • Headlines can be super useful for biotech companies with binary events. Congrats on your launch!

    Kirr Simakovs

    Founder/CEO of Monosnap

  • Intellectia.AI offers an impressive range of AI-powered tools that greatly enhance the investing experience. Investing has never been more efficient and insightful. Kudos to the Intellectia.AI team!

    Nicola Lanzilotto

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • Intellectia.AI revolutionizes my investing experience by seamlessly integrating AI-powered features. With this platform, I can easily delve into financial data, explore diverse topics, analyze and monitor stock movements, receive top-notch stock recommendations, and craft and share insightful research pieces. It's like having a personalized financial advisor at my fingertips, making investing both efficient and rewarding.


    Cofounder of AFFiNE


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